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  • Sabotage Programme Clearing

    Most of us have sabotages that hold us back in some area of our life, so what is sabotage exactly? Essentially they are subconscious beliefs we’ve acquired in order to survive, however sabotages can keep us stuck in old patterns that no longer serve us.

    Imagine that a young child is told they’re not good enough, over and over again. They develop a core belief ‘I am not good enough’ and move through life with an underlying feeling of inadequacy. The core belief develops into a sabotage program as it limits their life potential. This is the subconscious mind attempting to protect the inner-child from future pain. The person becomes stagnant, never reaching their full potential, limited by a belief that was simply someone else’s opinion at a point in time long since passed. Kinesiology can help remove the block, by bringing it into the conscious mind and resolving it.