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  • LEAP Brain Integration L1

    Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program BI was originally used for learning difficulties until it became apparent the procedure was important in all areas of life, not just academic! Life is about learning lessons, and how well we’re able to integrate life’s experiences will determine what we achieve in the future.

    All learning has a degree of stress. For some people stress can be so extreme that they lose the ability to think, making it impossible for them to do what is required of them. Once you can’t understand what is being explained you have lost brain integration. The inability to perform a certain mental task is not a question of understanding the material, but how effectively you can access the relevant area of the brain. Kinesiology not only locates where the blocks occur, but provides a means to identify the nature of the disturbance. Only once the cause of the block has been identified can effective therapeutic techniques be applied to defuse or remove it.