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    Kinesiology techniques used to bring awareness.


    Acupressure is an ancient healing art based on the meridian systems. Gentle pressure is applied with the aim of clearing energy blockages in the meridians. Each acupressure location has its own virtue (harmonising quality) that can often be a metaphor for an imbalance we have in our lives.

    Chakra Balancing

    Chakras are energy centres that penetrate all levels of the subtle body. Each chakra represents a vital quality essential for living a balanced life, such as the Solar Plexus which represents our self-worth, confidence and personal power. Are we a balanced ‘warrior‘ archetype acting from a position of strength and integrity, or do we undermine ourselves and give our power away to others, becoming the ‘servant‘ archetype that does not honour its worth?
    These chakra imbalances can present as dysfunction in our lives and may in the long term manifest as physical or psychological pain and illness. Used in Kinesiology, we can locate the imbalance, shine the light of awareness on it, then correct it with sound and light therapy.

    Defusing Negative Emotions

    Negative emotions can manifest in the physical body. Initially they can make us feel grumpy and reactive, but overtime they can make us physically and psychologically ill with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, headaches, and the list goes on. Once we isolate the specific negative emotion, we defuse it, then give you strategies to reinforce at home, ensuring the healing process continues long after you’ve left the clinic.

    Defusing Negative Limiting Beliefs

    The correlation between positive emotions and health and negative emotions and illness is widely recognised. During our early programming years we can adopt limiting beliefs that determine how we handle life’s situations and whether we are happy and well or not. The problem occurs when we can’t shift our thinking and these limiting beliefs rule our lives. This powerful technique defuses these negative beliefs allowing true healing to occur.

    Examples of a limiting belief;

    ‘ I’m not good enough’

    ‘ I must please everyone in order to be liked’

    ‘ I’m a failure’

    Flower Essences

    Flower essences interact with our energetic bodies, bringing in harmonising qualities to create a state of balance. They can also help us to recognise and release old patterns of behaviour. Like the acupressure points, each flower has a unique meaning and emotional connection.

    LEAP Brain Integration L1

    Learning Enhancement Acupressure Program BI was originally used for learning difficulties until it became apparent the procedure was important in all areas of life, not just academic! Life is about learning lessons, and how well we’re able to integrate life’s experiences will determine what we achieve in the future.

    All learning has a degree of stress. For some people stress can be so extreme that they lose the ability to think, making it impossible for them to do what is required of them. Once you can’t understand what is being explained you have lost brain integration. The inability to perform a certain mental task is not a question of understanding the material, but how effectively you can access the relevant area of the brain. Kinesiology not only locates where the blocks occur, but provides a means to identify the nature of the disturbance. Only once the cause of the block has been identified can effective therapeutic techniques be applied to defuse or remove it.

    Neural Organisational Technique L1

    N.O.T. is an extremely powerful treatment protocol developed by Dr Carl Ferreri integrating 40 years of his experience using muscle testing in the chiropractic field. The principles of N.O.T. are based on our primal reflexes; feeding, fight/flight, reproduction and brain-limbic responses. These functions can be disturbed by external physical, environmental, chemical or dietary conditions and traumas. There’s often an emotional component tied into the stress that is stored in the body, as the nervous system is the gateway between our physical and emotional worlds. N.O.T. can correct these imbalances and allow the body to heal naturally and holistically.


    Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for stress reduction, where the therapist channels life force energy into the client. Reiki treats the whole person, including body, emotions, mind and spirit. It’s also considered to be a path to enlightenment. A wonderful relaxing treatment that can make you feel calm and at peace

    Sabotage Programme Clearing

    Most of us have sabotages that hold us back in some area of our life, so what is sabotage exactly? Essentially they are subconscious beliefs we’ve acquired in order to survive, however sabotages can keep us stuck in old patterns that no longer serve us.

    Imagine that a young child is told they’re not good enough, over and over again. They develop a core belief ‘I am not good enough’ and move through life with an underlying feeling of inadequacy. The core belief develops into a sabotage program as it limits their life potential. This is the subconscious mind attempting to protect the inner-child from future pain. The person becomes stagnant, never reaching their full potential, limited by a belief that was simply someone else’s opinion at a point in time long since passed. Kinesiology can help remove the block, by bringing it into the conscious mind and resolving it.