Suzanne McGrath, Kinesiologist, Reiki Practitioner
Dip.Kinesiology; Reiki Lvl 1 & 2; B.Ed; GDip. PM; Professional Member AIK

In my practice, I love to help others feel calm and connected through becoming more present and less identified with their thoughts. Many of us would love to do more of this, but we block ourselves by listening to our negative self talk, or we feel stuck when life throws us a curve ball and we can’t move past it. Once we switch into fight or flight mode, it’s difficult to shift back to logical thinking and we can spend hours reliving an event in our minds. As a result, our body continues to release stress hormones in reaction to the emotions triggered by our thoughts. This puts unnecessary stress on our nervous system and has serious effects on our health in the long term. By working to release these negative emotions and balancing the energy centers, we calm the nervous system and create the perfect environment for healing.

I specialise in working with clients who suffer from anxiety and depression, helping bring their negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions to the conscious mind and understanding the lesson that needs to be learnt in order to release these negative feelings. Once we consciously know why we react in a certain way and what triggers us, we have the power to change it!

I have a background in Education and Project Management. I studied Kinesiology at the Australian College of Complementary Medicine and went on to complete my Diploma at The Health Arts College. I trained in Traditional Japanese Reiki at the OM Reiki Centre in Melbourne. These days I am a student of ‘A Course in Miracles’, a universal spiritual thought system (of non duality) that teaches that the way to inner peace is to release ego based thinking and move out of fear into forgiveness and love.

I’m available for Kinesiology & Reiki treatments on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Please Book Online or contact me directly to make appointments.

Phone: 0417 116 984

Donna Dansick, Kinesiologist, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner
Dip.HSc - Holistic Kinesiology; Dip.Clinical Hypnotherapy; Professional Member ATMS

I have been practicing for over 15 years.  I believe in and follow a holistic approach to the way I work.  They are gentle, non invasive healing techniques. Each modality looks at the cause and works with the body’s natural healing process and works on many subtle levels such as physical, emotional and mental and spiritual.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to indicate where stress is held in the body. The corrective techniques help the body’s healing process and include acupuncture stimulation, chakra clearing, sound and colour.

Kinesiology is very effective for both physical and emotional issues and is extremely helpful with relationship issues, aches and pains, lifestyle change, stress, low self esteem, depression, anger and addictions.

Hypnotherapy can bring about wonderful positive changes on all levels. Clients can examine beliefs and thought processes that are giving rise to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual problems and make changes at the core level from which the outer manifestation originates. For clarity, new directions in life, helps to focus on letting go of old or negative patterns.

Other modalities available are Reiki, TFT, EFT and Pranic Healing

I’m available on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Please contact me directly via phone or email to book appointments;

Phone: 0425 857 927

Emily Sarkies, Naturopath (Via Skype)
BHSc - Naturopathy; Professional Member NHAA

I am currently in Thailand working at the Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary (Koh Samui, Thailand) and available for Naturopathy consultations at Melbourne Kinesiology Clinic, via Skype.

As a Naturopath, I have found the best way to achieve optimal health outcomes is through supporting the patient to gain a greater connection with self, based on the philosophy of abundance being ‘all that we need, is right here within’.

Warm and empathetic in my practice, I take time to listen, investigate and gain the greatest understanding of any underlying pathology or physical, mental and emotional drivers contributing to ones current health state and with nutrition, herbal medicine (Western & Ayurvedic) or lifestyle counselling, aim to bring the body back into a greater balance. By shining a little light on areas that may have been shadowed, individual treatment plans are created to restore health in a sustainable way – to nourish and thrive.

In this space we remove the label of disease and treat you as a whole – gaining insight, strength and perspective : to ride the ripples and waves of life with less reactivity, greater ease and balance.

I enjoy treating a wide range of health states, appreciating everyone’s unique story with a special focus for:
+ Chronic disease (inflammatory, fatigue and autoimmune syndromes)
+ Gastrointestinal disturbances (IBS, intolerances and malabsorption)
+ Mood disorders (stress and anxiety)
+ Weight management and disease preventative care

My background in pharmacy has contributed to a passion for education, acknowledging the importance of Integrative Medicine and working collaboratively with patients, their lifestyles and other modalities, towards wholistic outcomes. Inspired by the benefits of possibility, the capacity of change and my own health benefits from complimentary medicine, I completed a Naturopathy degree in Health Science at Southern School of Natural Therapies and am an active member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia. With continued professional development in the UK and India, I have cultivated a unique and effective assessment and treatment approach. A qualified yoga teacher, I also incorporate the benefits of yoga therapy and it’s philosophies: meditation and mindfulness techniques into my Naturopathic care.

You are warmly welcome to contact me anytime for further advice and guidance.

Phone: 0450 699 818


Lynn Chang, Reiki Practitioner
RYS200, 100HR Yin Yoga&MyoFascial Release Technique, Reiki Level 1&2

I grew up in Taiwan and was always spiritually inclined. I have always been fascinated with the many spiritual paths people can choose in this world, and have always wanted to learn more. After many years of practice in yoga, in 2016, I finally did my 200 hour Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher training in Fiji, and to Morocco to learn Yin Yoga and the MyoFascial Release Technique. I also attended a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat that year. It was then when I realized my path was to be a healer, and inspire people through different forms of spiritual practice. After finishing my masters degree in fashion at RMIT, I started teaching yoga in 2017.

I believe everyone has their own unique path to self-realization, and my goal is to be able to help people along that path, whatever it may be. In order to deepen my experience on energy and to be able to approach more people in need, I also learned mantra meditation, Reiki energy healing and Kundalini yoga. Along my practice, I’ve experienced and seen lots of incredible cases on how the energy healing copes with anxiety, stress, addiction and depression. All these spiritual practices can not only develop our consciousness, but also make us a healthier and happier human beings.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”—Ram Dass

I am very privileged to be here for you.


I’m available for Reiki treatments by appointment, please email me or text to book.


Mobile: 0435 321 350 (text only please)