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    Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that uses muscle monitoring, a biofeedback method, to identify imbalances in the body and establish the priority healing needs. Combining the wisdom of Eastern traditions and knowledge of Western science, Kinesiology works with the body to identify the underlying cause of the imbalance and defuses it.

    Kinesiology is based on the premise that the body has an innate healing ability and is always doing its best to care for itself, however when we suffer from stress we inhibit our body’s natural ability to heal. Stress causes imbalances that over time can manifest as physical or psychological pain and illness. Kinesiology can identify the stress specific to your condition and tailor the corrections to your needs, defusing the imbalances and restoring the flow of energy in your etheric body.

    As a result, Kinesiology can help you with;

    o   Reducing stress and anxiety
    o   Sadness and depression
    o   Relationship issues
    o   Spiritual awareness
    o   Limiting beliefs that drive behaviours
    o   Headaches/ Migraines
    o   Auto-immune conditions

    Meet our Kinesiologists;

    Suzanne McGrath

    Donna Dansick


    $120 Initial Kinesiology (70 minutes)

    $110 Kinesiology (60 minutes)