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  • What happens in a Kinesiology session?

    After you’ve arrived at the clinic and completed an intake form, we’ll go into a consulting room and have a chat about your general health and the issue you’d like to work on. When ready, I’ll ask you to remove your shoes and lie (clothed) on the massage table.  I’ll begin by grounding you and then, guided by the muscle biofeedback, gather information about the issue you’ve come to work on. We’ll discuss the information that comes up during the session in an effort to identify the underlying cause and give you time to consciously connect with what is being presented. I’ll use specific corrective techniques (see ‘Techniques’ tab) to defuse imbalances energetically. After the session I’ll write out some homework tasks for you, usually an affirmation related to what came up in the session, a flower essence to take & some energetic corrections you can do yourself at home. You may feel really light as if a weight has been lifted, or very relaxed and tired, in which case rest and recuperation may be necessary while your energy rebalances over the coming 24 hours. Afterwards there’ll be space around the issue, it won’t have the same hold over you and you’ll be able to see things in a new light.